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Canada's multi-layered, complex and continuously changing tax system often presents a significant burden and compliance challenge for businesses and individuals alike.


At D&B, we strive to work with our clients and maintain a proactive approach when developing tax minimization strategies and when executing all tax filings.


In today's economy, transparency and credibility in financial reporting is an expectation of most internal and external stakeholders.  Whether it be shareholders, financial institutions, insurance and bonding companies or general governing bodies, they may require an audit level or review level sign-off on your financial statements in order to conduct business with your organization.  

At D&B, our risk-based assurance methodology allows us to provide an independent audit or review opinion on your financial statements in an efficient and effective manner while providing your internal and external stakeholders with confidence in your financial statements.


Having access to relative, reliable and timely financial information is a crucial element to running a business of any size.


Through use of the latest remote access and accounting technology, D&B provides top quality accounting and bookkeeping services to ensure that your business has timely access to meaningful information, and will ensure that all regular and recurring tax filings are processed and filed accurately and on time. 



We do a lot more than just crunch the numbers!

Today's business environment is a dynamic one, often requiring your professional advisor to look passed the numbers.


At D&B, we pride ourselves in taking an industry specific approach when delivering any of our breadth of advisory services including risk management, internal controls, business plan development, corporate structuring and business valuations to name a few.  

Do you have a plan in place?

With the prospective retirement of the baby boom generation looming, it's alarming to note that almost half of the Generation X population have not formally set out an estate plan to deal with the tax consequences associated with death.

At D&B, we can assist in developing you a personalized estate plan to ensure that your hard earned wealth is preserved and transferred to the next generation in the most tax effective manner possible.

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