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We do a lot more than just crunch the numbers!

Today's business environment is a dynamic one, often requiring your professional advisor to look passed the numbers.


At D&B, we pride ourselves in taking an industry specific approach when delivering any of our breadth of advisory services including risk management, internal controls, business plan development, corporate structuring and business valuations to name a few.




As we take an industry specific approach in our advisory services, we are well positioned to help your organization understand the risks it faces, and how to address these risks proactively.  D&B can conduct a full risk assessment on all segments of your organization (IT, Operational, Governance, External, Human Resources, Financial) and assist in developing and implementing an internal control plan to counter these risks. 




In order to take your business to the next level, it often requires vision and clarity for the path ahead.  In addition, expansion and progressing forward can also require additional financing from lenders.  Generally speaking, when applying for financing, lenders typically require a formal business plan to be provided in order to assist them with determining if and how much financing can be provided.  At D&B, we can assist you with the preparation of a professional business plan that is tailored specifically for your requirements, taking your business one step closer to that next level.  



We can review your current operating structure and assess whether there are any opportunities for a more optimal corporate structure from both a tax planning and liability perspective.  

Looking to incorporate a new company?  We can assist with the incorporation process from start to finish and ensure that the company is structured correctly from inception.



Are you looking to expand your organization through a merger or acquisition?  Alternatively, have you been considering the sale of your business or interest in a business?  In either scenario, having an independent valuation of your interest in a business can be your first negotiating tool when entering into a purchase and sale arrangement. 

We can help.  At D&B, we provide detailed independent business valuation services.  In addition, we can also provide due diligence services prior to making an acquisition in order to verify the seller's representations regarding the business. 

Get a second opinion.  Let us have a look at the business valuation you've already received;  we can provide our assement of the valuation.  


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