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Do you have a plan in place?

With the prospective retirement of the baby boom generation looming, it's alarming to note that almost half of the Generation X population have not formally set out an estate plan to deal with the tax consequences associated with death.

At D&B, we can assist in developing you a personalized estate plan to ensure that your hard earned wealth is preserved and transferred to the next generation in the most tax effective manner possible.



Individuals and families with significant assets often face difficult decisions associated with protecting and extending their legacy to the next generation.  D&B is experienced in addressing the many facets of wealth planning for private company owners and their families. Our professionals assist private business owners in exploring and addressing the issues relevant to wealth preservation and the transition of wealth to future generations.  

You’ve worked hard for your wealth. Protect it, and preserve your legacy. Our Trust and Estate Planning specialist will work with you to tailor a plan specific to your needs.

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